Kahab Project


Due to the risks of inhalation of gasoline for human health, as well as the environmental hazards of the release of hydrocarbon vapors in the air, the necessity to reduce emissions of these gases and pollutants in the world has led to the establishment of strict rules and regulations for controlling and reducing their release.

The “KAHAB PLAN” abbreviation for words: Decreasing, Guiding, Transmission, and Recovery Steam Gasoline, has been introduced by the Government Board as a national plan in 2008. One of the main goals of the “KAHAB NATIONAL PLAN” for the NIORDC is identifying the locations of gasoline emissions. Among the benefits of implementing “KAHAB NATIONAL PLAN” we can point out reducing the pollutants from petrol vapors at fuel stations, increasing the revenue of gasoline recycling and obtaining points and fees.

The VR Refiner is installed adjacent to the site’s fill and vent arrangement, and is connected into the vent lines with a processed fuel return line back into the underground storage tank. It is constantly fed with coolant gases by the CRM (Compression Refrigerant Module) to ensure the correct low temperature is maintained.

Corrosion Science Technology Co., with more than 15 years of experience in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries is the leading company in the implementation of environmental standards and environmental pollution control and as the first implementer of the “KAHAB NATIONAL PLAN” in Iran, Has started its activities on since 2013 and is the only authorized representative of Spain’s “Fuel Management Technology Co” in selling and installing recycling devices Gasoline in Iran.


In 2014, CST Co by relying on power of its experts managed to install the first Vapor Recovery Unitas the pilot project in Karaj, Iran (NIORDC, Alborz province). By considering this note that this is a National Plan and also the necessity of localization of its required equipment, CST Co got the agreement of “Fuel Management Technology” in order to transfer technology and technical knowledge in 2015 and succeed in the localization, construction and installation of Vapor Recovery Unit under the name of Brand “Danesh” in the Iran and obtained technical and HSE approvals from NIORDC and EPIL.

CST Co through its years of activity, has succeeded in establishing numerous UNITs in different cities of the country, including Tehran, Karaj, Qom, Behbahan, Chalous, Shahriyar and Rasht.

Other services of CST Co include sthe design and engineering of the Vapor Recovery Units (by considering the location of the equipment of each site), installation of the system (Stage 1, Stage 2), after-sales service and training.


List of Some of Kahab (Vapor Recovery) Project
ItemGas SataionsClients
1Parvin Square, StaionEnergysazan Co
2Shariati St, Staion
3Maral Setareh, StationMaral Setareh Co
4Behbahan, StationArjan Sokht Co
5Shahriar, StaionPishgaman Oil Industry
6Chalus, Station
7Karaj, StationAlborz, NIOPDC
8Gilan, StationPARSKEYHAN
97 unitsURMAHTAB
1016 unitsPAZH