Chemical Product

Chemical  products  are  a  very important  part  of many manufacturing processes. It often represents a significant portion of the operating cost to produce finished goods. Using efficient chemicals will yield significant increases in efficiency, resulting in lower operation cost and increased profitability. The chemicals industry is highly complex and the possibilities are continuously evolving based on changing market dynamics, regulations and feed stock supply. We have a deep understanding of a broad range of chemicals, and a portfolio of solutions that can be integrated to provide  unmatched  front  and  back-end  flexibility. CST is exclusive representative of Weschem Production Technologies Ltd (most famous chemical manufacturer in the world).
CST offers a wide range of products and processes for the petrochemical, syngas, oil refining and gas processing industries. We have a reputation for leading process and chemical development in these areas, and constantly strive to deliver even better products and processes for our customers. We place great emphasis on the satisfaction of our customers worldwide, as well as on the quality of our products and developed solutions.

A list of our products is available in below: