CST is cooperating with many esteemed companies to provide the best products, services and equipment for their customers. Actually, our partners are from known manufacturers, in their field of activities, from all over the world. CST always tries to be good enough to meet its clients’ requirements, so this company is expanding its cooperation with international chemical, catalyst and adsorbent manufacturers by which advanced chemicals, catalysts, services and equipment can be affordable for the customers.

Axens, Keli & Sud-chemie

CST is aimed to provide high-tech catalysts needed in different parts of industry particularly for refineries and petrochemicals. We have very close partnership with some honor international catalyst manufacturers; however, our main partners are Axens and Sud-chemie Companies. Axens and Sud-chemie are international providers of advanced technologies (licensor), catalysts, adsorbents and services (technical assistance, consulting).

Weschem Production Technologies Ltd.

This reputable chemical manufacturer (Weschem Co.) has two huge factories in USA (South Carolina) and Canada (Alberta). By working several decades in producing advanced catalysts, they have achieved valuable experiences in formulating high-tech chemicals based on customers’ requirements. Their manufacturing process are environmentally friendly and their products quality are respective to related standards.

CST is an exclusive representative of Weschem Production Technologies LTD. in Iran and has close cooperation with this honor company. Working with our colleagues of this company makes us able to provide chemicals with highest quality for Iranian refineries and petrochemicals. Different kinds of chemicals from biocides to corrosion inhibitors are supplied by CST and Weschem.

Fuel Management Technology

Spain`s Fuel Management Technology is one of the most reputable manufacturers of gasoline recycling machines, which is able to build modern gasoline recycling systems at fuel stations with international patents.

The company’s machines and equipment are capable of converting vapor of petrol and volatile organic matter into high-octane fuel. This cycle, due to avoiding waste of vapors, while taking advantage of environmental benefits, also results in a significant reduction in environmental pollutants.

It is worth noting that the Corrosion Science Technology, as the first executor of this project, honors the exclusive representation of the Spanish FMT Company.


Oxidation of hydrogen sulfide and mercaptan on the THIONOL catalyst takes place in hydrocarbon media directly, and can be applied on ion line products of refinery, buffer tanks, settlers and storage tanks. Unlike many known processes THIONOL does not require water caustic which allows us to propose caustic free technology of hydrogen sulfide and mercaptan removal.

CST as an exclusive representative of NEFTESINTEZ Company is able to provide THIONOL catalysts with the highest quality for sweetening and desulfurization of gas and liquid phase.