About us

Corrosion Science Technology Co. started its business by relying on science, engineering and valuable experience in 2004

CST Co, after a short time, was listed among the leading suppliers of Oil & Gas industries and overcome its competitors by providing the most up-to-date services and products. some of our most valuable services are as following

  • Successful implementation of large-scale drilling and cathodic protection projects in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries.
  • Executing the first Vapor Recovery Project in Iran
  • Sell more than 20 million euros of chemicals and catalysts to refineries and petrochemicals throughout the country.
  • Sales and installation of industrial equipment and instruments in various industries

Now, after two decades of continuous effort, Not only has its prominent name in the domestic industry, But also the credibility and scope of its cooperation in the international arena has also been impressive.

Acquiring several letters of appreciation and satisfaction of customers and also representing letters of the most reputable foreign companies is evidence of this claim. The policy of employing efficient employees, as well as raising them, has led to a comprehensive expansion of CST , In such a way that, departments of technology engineering, technical services, implementation teams, installation, Sales, purchasing and marketing development are able to provide the best services to their customers.

Price, time table and quality of all services and goods provided by CST Co are directly and systematically evaluated by the managers in order to be investigated and  optimized. according to our sustained goals, CST always try to pursue it’s international network expansion  to overcome barriers and has an effective role in supplying products and services which are needed by different industries. In this regard, CST Co has set the following values as a framework for advancing your goals.

  • Respect International commercial laws and regulations
  • Developing efficient employees and familiar with trade barriers and find out their legal solutions
  • Respect customers and gain their full satisfaction
  • best time, cost and quality management
  • Support staff members and build an enthusiasm work place
  • Keep up with changing technologies and localize them

Our Team